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~~~In ancient Sindarin

Elwe, King of the Teleri

Will ye go to the places where the light is much sweeter, where the homes of the powers will be?

We will ford mighty rivers; we will climb giant mountains, to the West, where the stars meet the sea.

Enel of Cuiveinen

You may go to seek power; you may go to seek glory. By this lake I will forever be.

It’s enough to be joyful in the place I was wakened, under stars of the East, by the sea.

Enel’s companions, the Avari (Unwilling)

We will stay with our father; we will stay with the others, where our hearts and our spirits will be

Ever singing the wonder of the place where we wakened, by this land, by these stars, by this sea.

~~~In Old Telerin

Orome, the Valar Guide

I will lead you in safety, you who go, who are willing. You who stay, we allow peace to be.

You, who go, follow closely, for the land is still wild, lit by stars on the way to the sea.

Wanderer in the Eastern forest

I cannot travel onward, for this land is too lovely. Maybe more wondrous sights there will be.

But I love the small singing of the forest and meadow under stars. I could not go to sea.

His companions in Middle Earth, the Úmanyar

All the grass is still green here; all the stars still are shining. Go and bless if you will blessed be.

All we wish for great beauty, all we wish for great comfort is right here. We will not cross the sea.

~~~In Nandorin

Inwë, High Vanyar King of Elves at the Anduin River Shores..

We all camp by this river while our guide forges pathways thru the mountains that on our path be.

While we wait, greet companions you so love and admire, then we go beneath stars to the sea.

Lenwë, who walks slowly, at Misty Mountains.

I cannot cross those mountains. All my will has gone misty. I cannot live while travel will be

All my life and my living. I cannot go so quickly by the stars to the far western sea.

His companions, the Nandor

We will not ford that river, we will not cross that mountain. For our feet are too weary to be

Marching on in this hurry. We will wait, and then someday make our way by the stars to the sea.

~~~In Sindarin

Melian, a beautiful Maia in Nan Elmoth in Doriath

I have seen you by tree-light, I have seen you in beauty, and I see that we ever may be

Pledged together in marriage, pledged in love, pledged in honor by the stars, by our hearts, by the sea.

Elwe, King of the Teleri.

You are beauty in living; you are beauty in breathing. I forsake all my travels and be

Here with you in our beauty. Here is magic, enchanting. I forsake even stars and the sea.

His companions, the Eglath (Forsaken) Sindar

We cannot travel onward, for our lord has goen missing, and our lord, yes, he ever will be.

We will seek him in friendship. We cannot travel onward to that land the where stars meet the sea

~~~In Telerin of Tol Eressëa

Ulmo, the Valar of the sea

You are here by my waters. You are here on my island. I will carry you over to be

In the land where the others that you follow are living, where the light blesses stars and the sea

Cúrdan the Shipwright, on Tol Eressea.

I would stay by these waters, for they chime with such beauty that my heart ever peaceful will be.

While my friends travel onward, I would stay on this island, so alone, under stars in the sea

His companions, the Falmari (Sea-elves)

We can see in the distance all the light we were promised. Here and now, we’re contented to be

Here and now, on this island, with the songs of the water and the waves and the stars and the sea.

~~~In Lindalambë (Aman Telerin)

Ossë, the Maia of the Middle Earth seas

I must teach you to travel by the wind over water, but I grieve, for I’d teach you to be

Here with me to delight with, but I’ll teach you to leave me, with my swans, under stars, o’er the sea.

Olwë in Alqualonde

We are glad of your teaching, we are glad of your friendship, but we must travel on til we be

Safe at home in swan harbor where we have the great blessing of the land where the stars reach the sea.

**His Companions, the Foam Riders

We have seen many friendships, as we crossed over oceans, as we crossed over mountains to be

Here forever undying, in the land ever living, where our homes, and the stars, meet the sea.

~~~In Quenya:

Finwë, the Noldor King in Tirion

Lord, my friends and you singers, we rejoin our sweet kinfolk in this land, and we always will be

With our hands and our talents, ever pledged to your service in the light of the stars and the sea.

Eärwen, Olwë’s daughter, in Tirion

Lord, we thank you for making such a fond and sweet welcome, we are glad and delighted to be

In the places you fashioned as we followed your footsteps to this land where the stars meet the sea.

The Noldor & Vanyar Elves

Be at last made ye merry, for at last you have joined us by the light of the trees that will be

Ever shining while friendship binds our hearts to each other, and at last, to the stars and the sea.

~~in Valarin:

Manwë, The Valar High King in Valinor

You are here, as we wished you. You are here, as we led you. Know that others who tarry will be

Welcome here in the ages that will come, when they come here, to our land where the stars meet the sea.

~~~in Common

**All Lead Singers

We are here, where we’re destined, where we live, we are loving. We know others who travel will be ->

Welcome here in the ages that will come, when they come here, to this land under stars o’er the sea.

**All Teleri, everywhere

E’er we each in our fashion live the life that we fashion. E’er to last, where we live, we will be

Called the last, ever lasting, home at last, we “tell airy” loving songs, for the stars, and the sea.

Called the last, ever lasting, home at last, we “ Teleri ”, loving songs, for the stars, and the sea.

~~~~~~~Here ends Telerilindalë, a Teleri elven teaching-song,

translated to the common tongue as “The Lay of the Last” by Aulë (Arth) the Finesmith.

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