Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aulë's Fae

An RP conversation between Namo Mandos and Aulë Talka Marda in a rare quiet moment today
in Tirion Forest Sim (text edited for clarity)

Namo: You have been off on journey's, I hear.
Aulë: Me? oh, the typical things for me.... some mountains and hills needed attention... a few pixies and fae were lost and needed guidance.
Námo: fae needed guidance?

The two Valar laugh together at this.

Aulë: well, of course, Námo Mandos! In your sphere there are many wraiths who assist you, looking into time and responsibility, and each doing their own duties in the area assigned.
Námo: have you been sneaking into the Halls again Aule? You had better not go there: its a cloudy area!

Aulë: well, the commonality is that both fae and wraiths are maiar but the fae honor my Lady Yavanna and myself. Each has his or her own sphere of expertise and responsibility, (and yes, there are a few maia who serve both of us some.) but the difference is that fae are ....

Aulë pauses, searching for the perfect word: ...flighty. They cheerfully head off to look at other pretty things and then find themselves not quite remembering where they were to be and what they were to do.

Námo: I will have to put a fence around the Halls, since they are dying to get in!
Aulë: oh, Brother... I am ashamed of that pun for you. ㋡
Námo: well it is the dead centre of the lands
Aulë pauses, gaping a moment, then chooses to ignore that last.

Aulë: Most of the fae that seemed to be causing "trouble", though are merely lost. They are trying to fulfill the role they were given, but are in the wrong place for it... so harmony is poor.
Námo: and it is my job to show them the way
Aulë: and it is my job to show them the way.
Námo laughs: haha! Somebody has to do it

Aulë: so, I tell you not a day goes by, I do not hear from some fae who is simply distressed. Becasue they know me, and I will guide them, and I help them find their way.

Námo: they do not leave the Halls distressed. I assure you
Námo: smiles
Aulë: I have no cause to doubt that, brother.

Aulë: so, now you, asking the innocent question about my recent travels has no doubt learned more than you wanted to.
Námo: it is quite refreshing

Aulë: Here in Tirion, in Eldamar, the fae have very strict instructions.. even those that reside here...
.. to either appear elvish... or appear not at all. This is no hardship to them... most of the fae are extremely shy.

Námo: but their wings are so beautiful

Aulë: yes, they are... and they are proud of their wings. which is why they hide them in open view in various places: in insects wings, such as beetles and butterflies, and in striations of air, like sunsets and dewy fogs and in the sheen of changing leaves.

All those natural beauties appear as they do because the fae are so proud of their wings. but they are too shy to show their own openly.

Námo: I have not noticed that!
Aulë laughs out loud!
Aulë: well, brother, the fae are my special care, so I know their ways...
Námo: i hope you do not know ALL of them

Aulë: There are some few fae that grow bold from time to time and dare to show themselves but they change in that sometimes. You will, very occasionally see fae in their beautiful native forms flitting about. But almost as soon as you notice them, they are gone.

Námo: well depends who else is in the halls at the time but they can move very quick, I agree.

Aulë: So you only see the flicker of color at the corner of the eye... or the sound of fading laughter...
is all that tells you that fae are here.

Námo grins: if i am lucky
Námo: yes
Aulë laughs.
Námo: what??
Aulë: I'd not spoken to anyone about this for some time! It just rarely occurs to me that not everyone knows all about it, nor that there would be any interest in it.

Námo: Good, I think if you say mach more you will get me in to trouble
Aulë: why woudl I get you int trouble? Are you derelict in your duties, brother?
Námo: oh no, I am always on duty

Aulë: Ah. well, the other piece is that no, I do not know all the fae personally... but they seem to know me...

Námo: yes they do. such is the way of fae. Does Lady Yavanna know about it?

Aulë: oh, yes she does.... both Lady Yavanna and I and several of the more mature Maiar help the fae when we can. But the other piece is that there is no rigid hierarchy among the fae. They are not suited to any military form of government, and most of them unsuited to any government, at all, period.

Námo chuckles.

Aulë: So the best, though, is to first find WHAT each fae in the heart desires to do, then find the place where each can do it. And that, to bring full circle, is how you guide fae.

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