Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 21 2011 Noldor Quest in Second Life

The road to the Princess from Tirion Forest.

Begins in my favorite place in Tirion, where I hid this map.

overland start in the Forest near the port.

choose either the pass: shorter, less cover, more dangerous:

or go around the mountains: more cover, more allies in the forest wolves and local elves.

unless you take to water, all paths meet between two necessary bridges:

provisions here. Meet hospitality with generosity, always...

chose then among several paths from Provisions in the Heart
to the Desolation of the Dome, by water or land.
Avoid the air, for the foes have severe advantage there.
Seek Lord Drak and the Tyr Rik and their allies.

The desolate path is ...

The main door, the masters of Uhre believe is the only way into Nurutumbo.
Battle fought there will be hard won by invading ground forces:

Success here you may enter the noxious fortress of Nurutumbo, called Eisengard.

You must pass or open the black gates somehow

because the black gate control is inside at the base of the first tower

Up to the roof you find a drawbridge needs opened with a wheel on the far side.

The second, darker tower looms, wights within.

Up, up , up... You need a lock-pick.

Escaping is easier than entry... all the lock keys and magics are on your side.

Only most trusted are given this more physically dangerous path, maybe unguarded and passable for a small, surefooted party, but it is treacherous, diverging at the start of the desolate path. Treacherous rock & flaming sky. No animal would climb this: Quiet, quickly... you are exposed: If it has not been discovered and barred: secret door: This cavern is treacherous... and constantly winding and defended Better to climb past the sleeping dragon: Across the gates to the first cleft in the cliff: And thru to the open tower to use its magics... and the sales staff? Easiest escape. Get to the roof and pray aloud for an Eagle. They know this place.

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  1. While on this quest, Aulë, who will not raise weapon against any thinking creature, took the role of healer, carefully gathering the power of the earth to provide the elves and ainu and allies vast healing when need would arise.

    In the final battle, Aulë encamped at the base of the black tower, but soon discovered that the land itself there was thwarting his healing. The words spoken, mana would fly, the light would shine, but the healing itself would fall useless back into the barren earth, rarely touching those who needed it. His determination and rage growing, as the wounded grew in numbers while the elves advanced, only one perhaps in ten healings assisted the wounded. Thus, in grim determination that the land would support life and healing, vast quantities of healing were called, the black earth giving miserly reply so that the elves and allies did heal some but slowly as battle raged. As for what else happened in the battle of the dark tower, others who traveled and fought there can tell better.

    But, when the last of the fighting had died, and there was no living thing left there but Aulë himself, did Aulë in wrath did send his spirit deep into the barren land that had become so poor in life and twisted that it would not aid the elves he loves in need. The land still did not answer to the spirit call of The One's chosen master of earth, but rejoiced in its perversion and malicious power, the dark stones of the earth and the darker stones of the tower mocking the will of the Vala, and renouncing his patronage over them. In fury that creation should be so bent from its purpose, Aulë, Talka Marda, reached deep and deeper into the depths of the land, finding then summoning cleansing destructive fury and roiling heat of liquid stone to rid this land of its tainted heart. Then did the raging fires of earth eagerly rise from the hot depths, bringing new minerals and metals and flowing stone to quell and cover the treasonous region.

    Then were the land around and the roots of the dark tower covered in the terrible and cleansing flow of the wrath of Aulë for seven days.

    Photos here:

    ((My thanks to Sherridenne, Rik, and Morgoth that hosted this enacting of a remarkable role-playing event in Second Life.))