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From "the Book of Lost Tales" and "the Silmarillion" chapter "Of the beginning of Days", collected descriptions of Valimar in Valinor in Aman in Eä

"Behind the walls of the Pelóri [mountains] the Valar established their domain in that region which is called Valinor, and there were their houses, their gardens, and their towers. In that guarded land the Valar gathered great store of light and an the fairest things that were saved from the ruin; and many others yet fairer they made anew, and Valinor became more beautiful even than Middle-earth in the Spring of Arda; and it was blessed, for the Deathless dwelt there, and there naught faded nor withered, neither was there any stain upon flower or leaf in that land, nor any corruption or sickness in anything that lived; for the very stones and waters were hallowed.

And when Valinor was full-wrought and the mansions of the Valar were established, in the midst of the plain beyond the mountains they built their city, Valmar of many bells.

"But in the plain in the full radiance of the [Two] trees was a cluster of dwellings built like a fair and smiling town, and that town was named Valmar. No metal and no stone, nor any wood of mighty trees was spared to their raising. Their roofs were of gold and their floors of silver and their doors of polished bronze; they were lifted with spells and their stones were bound with magic."

The domains of Oromë & Vána in Valimar:

in Valimar his halls are wide and low, and the skins and pelts of great richness and price are strewn there without end upon the floor or hung upon the walls, and spears and bows and knives thereto. In the midst of each room and hall a living tree grows and holds up the roof, and its bole is hung with trophies and with antlers. Here is all Oromë's folk in green and brown and there is a noise of boisterous mirth, and the lord of forests makes lusty cheer; but Vàna his wife so often as she may steals thence.

The Gardens of Vána were far away from the noise in the Halls of Oromë, fenced stoutly from the wilder lands with whitethorn of great size that blossoms like everlasting snow. Its innermost solitude is walled with roses, and this is the place best beloved of that fair Lady of the Spring. (bolt)

The domains of Tulkas & Nessa in Valimar:

His was a house of mirth and revelry; and it sprang high into the air with many storeys, and had a tower of bronze and pillars of copper in a wide arcade. In its court men played and rivaled one another in doughty feats, and there at times would that fair maiden Nessa wife of
Tulkas bear goblets of the goodliest wine and cooling drinks among the players. But most of all she loves to retire to a place of fair lawns whose turn Oromë her brother had culled for the richest of all his forest glades, and Palúrien had planted it with spells that is was always green and smooth. There danced she among her maidens as long as Laurellin was in bloom, for is she not greater in dance than Vana herself?

The domains of Ossë & Uinen in Valimar:

"Osse, too had a great house when he tired of the noise of the sea. They brought thousands of pearls for its building and its floors were of sea-water and its tapestries like the glint of silver skins of fishes and it was roofed with foam.


The Book of Lost Tales - One (posthumous) JRR Tolkien, Ed CR Tolkien
copyright (C) 1983, the Estate of JRR Tolkien

The Silmarillion, JRR Tolkien, Ed CR Tolkien
Copyright (c) 1977 by George Allen & Unwin Publishers) Ltd,

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