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In early versions of the legendarium, (the Book of Lost Tales, specifically) Aulë's house, situated in the outskirts of Valmar near its bordering open vale, contains a great court, "filled with magic webs woven of the light of Laurelin and the sheen of Silpion and the glint of stars"; still other webs were woven of gold, silver, iron, and bronze. Here also, per The Shilmarillion, Aulë laboured long while making "many beautiful and shapely works both openly and in secret", creating both the tools and the lore of the craftsmen.

This suggests a level of magic and craftsmanship not seen elsewhere in Tolkien's world.  Aule and his people likely have constructive and magical abilities surpassing Suaron, Gandalf, balrogs, the peoples of Rivendell, and even (the oft overlooked) Tom Bombadil.

To that end, I made a few effects for myself. More importantly, though I borrow and use others' work.  Here are credits to creators who helped shape Aule's magic in SL:

Mystitool Hud
Mystical Cookie's Mystitool HUD:   
I first got this tool-rich device as a SL Mentor-only gift, and to date, I've still found nothing quite like it.  One can purchase the full version cheaply, but the basic HUD is a freebie 

Abranimations Couples HUD
 While I don't use the item pictured with 77 animations, ask me, and I can share the freebie version with 16 poses that isn't for sale, only by transfer.  I've emulated the scripts in this for all sort of other things, too.

Jopsy Pendragon's Particle Lab
While not a HUD or device I wear, most of my own created effects owe a nod to this excellent free full perm script- and tutorial-packed  sim.  If you go to Teal Sim (it's been there forever, and still evolves), do tip.

Aaron Cerveau's SpellFire 1.8

Aaron's since gone on to version 2, 3 and Azora and Omega meters with similar goals and usage.  It's a good system and a gold standard in SL combat systems.

Blackdog Ashbourne's "Empower Magic" 

You could spend months just seeing what's in the spendy Empower Magick HUD.   It's infinitely modifiable with great service, free updates for life, and a helpful community.  Here is an interview with BDA about a new RP HUD he's developing.  

Torley Linden's VidTuts
This enthusiastic fellow invented SL Vidtuts, creating items on nearly any subject you can name in SL. While now growing outdated, Torley's Video Tutorials still teach basic usage and creative techniques like no other.

 Thank you, each.


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