Saturday, June 22, 2013

Here and Now in Tirion Elfhome

Here is a revision of the poem from "What Time Is It" describing "Here and Now" as being played in Second Life's "Tirion" region.  There's some praise of it, so I left it where it was, but after some welcome criticism, have revisited it.

 ye Guides of Tirion, learn and share it,
As you will, four quatrains and a couplet.


Bilbo and Frodo of far Bag-End
Will come to write beloved stories someday
One hundred hundred years from now, then wend
Here, over half the great round world away.

Gandalf, Sauron and Saruman find aims
As glad, young, idealistic wizards who
Learn power under fair but different names.
Galadriel's parents begin  to woo.

Now, Human-kind has yet to wake or be,
As Elves are in the flower of their age.
Dwarves and Ents are waking and made free,
While evil's types are scattered or in cage.


Nor Sun nor Moon have not been made, nor rose
O'er this flat world beneath her star-filled skies.
From Two Trees, gold and silver light now glows
O'er this calm world.  In peace, warm twilight lies.

This be where ye be in time and space.
Welcome, elves, to this first homely place.


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